The Basement // Reno, NV.

the basement

It’s going down


The Basement is an unexpected experience of the senses located beneath the historic 1933 U.S. Post Office. This underground venue is a home away from home for those seeking the trendiest, tastiest, and most cutting edge concepts of a modern day marketplace.

Our mission is to create a multi-use incubator space of both retail and food vendors who all celebrate the craft of the hand. Creating an alternative collaborative culture in the downtown corridor of Reno, NV.

The Basement is reinventing what it means. to be social, healthy, and productive; by creating a culture of collaboration.

With the more refined and well-known anchor store above, 'The Basement' below offers an unexpected, youthful and daring venue, that paints an intriguing dichotomy of what it means to be the 'new and timeless.'

This retail experience is an urban fabric of local merchants who evoke an alternative lifestyle. Welcome to Reno's new hangout.